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heretic_love's Journal

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All Members , Moderated
Maintained by the rather eccentric but always cuddly panda_patrol.

1) Respect the other users and have fun
2) All spoilers must be put in an [lj-cut], if you need help please ask.
3) Stories and pictures are prefered behind an [lj-cut] as well, not everyone has a fast modem :)
4) Any users who flame this pairing will be laughed at and kicked out
5) Have an open mind.
6) 'u, y, k, b, c' are letters, not words. Please take the time to write out 'you'.

Of course you can talk about other pairings, but this community was purposely made for the support of HomuraxGoku, which also means there will be talk of shotacon.

This community will have talks of shotacon and yaoi, so if you do not like that please leave now. The ratings will range from PG - NC 17